Q: Do I have to mix the paint?
A: No, Color Pour brand paint comes pre-mixed and ready for use. We've removed the trial and error and frustration of getting the optimal pouring consistency. Our paint is formulated at the perfect consistency for pour art projects. Simply combine your favorite colors and pour!

Q: Can I use regular acrylic paint to make pour art?
A: We recommend using Color Pour Pre-Mixed Paint for its ease of use; but we do separately sell Color Pour Pouring Medium that you can combine with with any acrylic paint to make pour paint.

Q: Is the paint non-toxic?
A: Yes, Color Pour Pre-Mixed Paint is water-based acrylic paint. Like all acrylic paints, it will dry to a finish resistant to water.

Q: How much area will the paint cover?
A: This depends on several factors; but in general, 1-2 oz. of paint will cover about 40 square inches of surface area.

Q: Do I have to use Color Pour Cell Magic and a torch on my projects?
A: That depends on the look you want! You can create fun, marbled effects with Color Pour Pre-Mixed Paint without Cell Magic. But if you love the look of cells and lacing in your pour art, Color Pour Cell Magic and a torch is the best way to achieve that look. We recommend using 1/4 teaspoon per 1 ounce of paint. Visit the video page to learn how to use the paint with and without oil.

Q: I don't have a torch. Can I still use Color Pour Cell Magic?
A: Absolutely! Cell Magic produces one look when it's used with a torch and one without. Experiment with both techniques and find out which you like best!