Cell Magic

  • Use Cell Magic to create lacing and cell effects.

  • Select Color Pour paint color(s) & pour into separate Color Pour Mixing Cup(s).

  • Add approximately 1/2 tsp of Cell Magic per 2 ounces of paint.

  • Mix the Cell Magic into each individual color until slightly incorporated, about 5-10 strokes.

  • Combine all individual colors into a single cup. Important: Do NOT mix with Stir Stick.

  • Carefully pour the combined paints onto canvas.

Optional Torch Use:

  • Use of a hand-held torch is optional and creates interesting textures in the paint.

  • Torching can be applied immediately after the pour, and/or after the paint has been distributed over the canvas.

  • Apply the flame’s heat using quick back-and-forth motions over the surface of the paint for 3-5 seconds. Do not rest the flame in any one spot to avoid scorching.

  • Pro Tip: To avoid cracking, pour paint off the sides of the canvas until, when tilted, the paint doesn't move. Layers that are too thick can cause cracks and prevent proper drying. Using Cell Magic will create some texture, which is normal. If a smooth texture and surface are desired, do not use Cell Magic.

Where to buy a torch

Home Depot

Home Depot 2